Thursday, 31 January 2013

Meow,Eklimah & Noura

..Assalamualaikum dan holla semua

Let me introduce my beloved cat to all of u..

"Cuba teka siapa saya?"

buat muka comel lagi tu..

"malasnya mau bangun"

This is my cat.Very superb lazy one.Sleeping beauty using that red blanket
Ni kalau mak nampak,mesti kena marah..(Ketawa)

Ok,ok,ok..Tu baru intro,serius sikitlah.

"meow" lah antara yang aku paling rindu semenjak aku bekerja ni.(Rindu mau buli sebenarnya..)
Kucing ni sebenarnya kacukan antara kucing siam dan kucing biasa.Rupa kucing ni lebih kepada kucing siam lah tapi pemalas giloss...
Next time lah aku cerita perjalanan hidup aku dengan ni kucing..hahaha..Sure satu muka surat pun tak cukup uools..

Orait,mesti korang nak tahu kenapa post hari ni bertajuk "meow,eklimah & noura" .kan?
Teruskan dengan NOURA dulu, (typing like the tortoise)


Lets start talk about this amazing name.Actually my friend gave it to me.First time I heard she called me using this name,I felt something amazed with this name.But I thought that there was no offence to accept this name as a part of my life.Now,I really falling in love with this name.The awesome thing that the meaning of this name is "LIGHT".
I really want to say "THANK YOU SO MUCH" to her.


This name actually not totally mine.Its the combination  between my name with him.Its so funny to think about this combination that may be splitted any time because the basic of this name is not strong enough.
"Ek" is stolen from his name.Its not a polite way to use this name without the owner of the name permission.
I felt surprised when my friend screamed out this name suddenly in front of him..ohmaigod ohmaigod..I made a silly face then.
That was the situation when in front your crush.How lucky am I because I was not infected by "LOVE VIRUS".No feeling of frustration when my messages do not be replied.

Stop here..

Orait,after became an ex-student for these few months,I felt so silly plus Eager to make a homework,making a note,listen to all teachers voice.Became an ex-student is totally the most terrifying.

P/S:I really want to saw a few of book on my table.Surfing internet to find any information.



*****saya suka saya suka*****

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