Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Common feeling.



Since I don't know what to write so I make an decision to  write about this.

Common feeling that looks and feels normal to every one in this world.

...And this happen to me.

As I involved in a community of people who volunteer to organize that "SENIOR dinner",I met all the seniors from different classes. We were in the same lecture hall but we were in different tutorial classes so it seem impossible to talk everyday.

So,the meeting was held frequently.
 ....And I found that this senior was a bit cute. He caught my attention so well.OMG, my friend said it was "Cinta bunga sakura". Sounds weird and funny. It called as " cinta bunga sakura" because we have known each other at the end of semester and as a symbol of our graduation,all the tree in this college will flower and the colour of the flower exactly as the sakura flower.

But, at the same time my best friend do like him. HAHA.

I should stop writing because I really confused on what happen to me. WELL, I should prepare a lots of things for my examination . See you again and have  a blessed day.


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Too hard to escape


Lama tak appear dalam dunia blog ni.Hehe.
Actually I'll sit for my last exam in matric next month so there a lots of thing to be done ASAP.

and I'm preparing a lots of thing for my dinner.Actually dinner for seniors.Since it will be the last so it should be done properly dan mestilah nak gempak kann.

and this week i have a lot of thing that stick on my schedule.

Thank you for the questions that I have been received in my account.I appreciated it .okay,see you guys soon.