Monday, 14 January 2013


ASSALAMUALAIKUM and holla everybody...

Yesterday was totally awesome..
hahahaha..long time no sit in front of  you my bubble blog...


yesterday,was my off day as the worker..but as my brother in law had said that we must get ready 24-hours as a smart and responsible worker.hohoho...He is really suitable to be a fierce lecturer actually.

The very first place that we went was Gaya Street Market.Fuyooh!there were so many people..Its crowded place.Walk carefully and always took a look to your bag or it will disappeared by it self..(magic right).Actually,only my sister and I had a walk to that GSM because the kids were very naughty...

After got all the things that we wanted,we rushed to the car park and kept all the thing into the car.Then,our stomach was singing and we made a decision to have a breakfast before we went to 1 Borneo or generally known as 1B.We had our BFT at Oldtown White cOffee.Its awesome when we had to write the code of food to made an order.Whoa,the kids were so naughty.i was lucky because the babysitter was there.

Then my bro-in- law drove to 1B and so and so we stop and sat at the massager chair..whoa,its awesome..then,we saw at the small ice cream shop..McDonald's ice cream..Honestly,i was ice cream lover but i only can eat in a small quantity..Before we were leaving the giant building,we got our favourite chocolate smoothie there..

uh?it was raining.Overload focus to the game cause we spent a lot of time there.One more thing,its too cold and cause my sister and i searching for a toilet in the hotel..crazy idea..

Then,we entered our favourite book store..HARRIS..yeyeyey..i met so many books.Im crazy.
then,i saw my favourite author's book..NIGHT WORLD written by L.J SMITH..
He was The Vampire Diaries drama writer.I like it so much.

NIGHT WORLD book actually included 3 story in it.3 In saved my budget,only Rm16.90.
the stories included in it was:::""

In DARK ANGEL,Gillian is saved from drowning by her guardian angel.Only visible to Gillian,Angel will fullfill her heart's every desire.But when Angel starts making strange andsinister requests,Gillian must question who he truly is and where came from.

In THE CHOSEN,Armed with a wooden stake,martial arts,and the will to resist a vampire's mind control,Rashel struggles to avenge her mother's death.Then she meets Quinn,her soulmate,who is part of the world she has vowed to destroy.

In SOULMATE,Hannah receives notes warning her of incredible danger.But if death is her destiny,is the LORD OF NIGHT WORLD's love strong enough to save her?

Then,i took a look to that books and i felt attracted to read this book.
i dont know why im crying when i read the book..The book is written by IBNU RIJAL or Muhammad Nazri Bin Rijal.The book contained a lot of moral value.I love this book because it contained a lot of  translation of Al-quran Surah..It makes me felt how much important we place our love to Allah at the highest place in our heart..

the writer said"warning!dont stop your tears"

Noura Noralimah


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