Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Aku sebenarnya lama dah nak update pasal ni tapi memandangkan jadual yang padat serta kekangan masa yang hebat *seh* aku terpaksa lah tangguh2.Okay hari ni aku share gambar bebanyak je.

berpicnic di tepi pantai.Wajah2 excited terserlah gitu.

Ni la antara jejaka yang tak diidamkan oleh malaya.HAHA.Iklan Colgate ke?
This is Bob and Ram.Dorang lah orang kuat untuk membeli sate dan brmain tanam kaki dalam pasir.

Ini Bren dan Popo.
aku rasa dia nak pose candid ala2 artis ni.

 Tukar gaya pose pulak engko.

aku yang suruh tangkap gambar aku ,last2 aku jadi photographer tak berbayar korang.
They are the awesome classmates.
Aten,May,Dayah,Fiona,Bren and Manja

Ni pose gaya ayu.Beg tu peluk kuat2 nant kena curi.

Yong,one of the people that planned this memorable picnic.

"Saya  rasa bagus kita order ni makanan"
Fiona,the Sarawakian girl.Good in traditional dancing.

 Popo tengah mencari ketam untuk dimasak.*Gurau*

 Popo dengan ketamnya.

Aktiviti panjat pokok.Hilang keayuan setelah bermain di tepi pantai.Sementara tunggu hari mendung sikit baik main panjat pokok. Ciri2 yang bakal direjek oleh bakal mak mertua.HAHA

 aku termenung mengenang nasib badan.*poyo*

mana lah Nora ni?

Bob tersenyum kambing seketika

 "Kau ni bob,sunburn aku tunggu kau"
Gaya bergambar paling common bila di tepi pantai.


 The Family of 1ZT3

Over betul la.Malaysia next top model katanya.
For those who didn't join this picnic ,your picture will be posted in the next entry

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Interview 2

Assalamualaikum and hi

I hope everybody has a good thing to share and think today.
I want to share about my interview on the last day,perhaps a few tips

Honestly,I am not really talkative when with new people but praise to Allah I managed to calm myself and smiled continuosly 'till the end of the interview.Both of the interviewers laughed very often and louder when I started to speak.Did I looked so funny when spoke in English?HAHA

Okay,the tips that most most important is be friendly and just be yourself.You MUST wear something approriate and make sure that you are in comfort situation.The most awful situation is I wore a high heel which will cause a severe accident if I fall.

Then,ask your beloved parents to pray for your success.Your mom's doa is very powerful.You should talk to avoid that nervous feeling.Talk to people beside you and dont remain silence.Silence might harm you when you already sit in front of the interviewers.So beware.

Lastly,prepare all the certificates that asked by interviewers and make sure raise your confidence level as you step into the interview room .

Then,if it meant to you,you will get it.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015



Since i've graduated from Labuan Matriculation college on April 2015,so tunggu tawaran upu je la

On 21st May 2015,i've been checked some offer from universities if my name include in the short list of interview.
I waited for the result and tadaa my name was on the screen.Finally,Alhamdullilah.

I've an interview tomorrow,29th May 2015,Friday at 9 am
I hope I pass this iv excellently!

May Allah ease everything till the end.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Common feeling.



Since I don't know what to write so I make an decision to  write about this.

Common feeling that looks and feels normal to every one in this world.

...And this happen to me.

As I involved in a community of people who volunteer to organize that "SENIOR dinner",I met all the seniors from different classes. We were in the same lecture hall but we were in different tutorial classes so it seem impossible to talk everyday.

So,the meeting was held frequently.
 ....And I found that this senior was a bit cute. He caught my attention so well.OMG, my friend said it was "Cinta bunga sakura". Sounds weird and funny. It called as " cinta bunga sakura" because we have known each other at the end of semester and as a symbol of our graduation,all the tree in this college will flower and the colour of the flower exactly as the sakura flower.

But, at the same time my best friend do like him. HAHA.

I should stop writing because I really confused on what happen to me. WELL, I should prepare a lots of things for my examination . See you again and have  a blessed day.


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Too hard to escape


Lama tak appear dalam dunia blog ni.Hehe.
Actually I'll sit for my last exam in matric next month so there a lots of thing to be done ASAP.

and I'm preparing a lots of thing for my dinner.Actually dinner for seniors.Since it will be the last so it should be done properly dan mestilah nak gempak kann.

and this week i have a lot of thing that stick on my schedule.

Thank you for the questions that I have been received in my ask.fm account.I appreciated it .okay,see you guys soon.