Friday, 18 January 2013


Ever you felt crazy to finish something?
oh yeah..just like i am..really crazy to continue reading this awesome novel
oh,its attract me so much.

The more i read,the more i felt eager to know the next story...

actually its the first time i felt so addicted to and read..

Do u know what i felt while I'm reading my favourite book?
Happy,and so many feelings indeed..
I like to be as the own main character if i read the story so i can feel how is real AWESOME while reading..

The books that i read today is dark angel..
actually I'm still reading,not finish yet..
..this is the book...i guess that u ever saw it..
I really like this main character.Her name is Gillian.She was simple but beautiful for sure.
and the hero for this story is DAVID BLACKBURN.ouch,he attract me much.
its the feeling of crazy towards my fantasy cool man..

Don't u ever felt like u are in that story or the novel that u read?
let me talk about my experience..
before,i have read Malay novel and its totally touched my little heart.
i really felt the sadness when the hero of the story was died.

its a bit awkward to be heard right?act like childish..
but its totally true,

i really love to read.
reading a book like to die for..

ehem2,let me more kind today..(laugh louder)

"reading is a bridge of knowledge"

its me....

~NoUrA nOrAlImAh~

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