Wednesday, 30 January 2013

HANG OUT with my BESTIE....

..aSSalamualaikum and holla everybody..
Here we go..

Lets begin with the new story about my holiday for three days . .
PLACE:my village-kg.Bengkongan at Kota Marudu.

Guess how I felt?awesome for sure.Actually my holiday was not arranged nicely because I took three days off because my textbook need to be sent as soon as before the SPM result come out.Its really awkward when my friend(MIMI FARHANAH) and I stepped into the school without using school uniform.The guards just looked like the castle guards door,sat near the gate with the big eyes stared at us..
Finally I met my ex-account teacher.How I miss that happy-go-lucky teacher.

A'ha!Here we go!..After finished about the textbooks,we went to the "red house"."THE RED HOUSE" actually KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken).Thats only the best place to "LEPAKING" with my bestie.Looks how I felt so excited to snap this picture.(Troll)

..Hahaha..who was the owner of the chicken bone..

Lets looked to this picture..

xcited ka apa ni....

mimi said"pecah ka botol ni kalau aku ketuk d kepala Mas?"

"comey tak gambar aku?"(haha..tipu saja)

Look at the way they were posed when I was ready to snap their picture.Look at the first picture  of them.Funny right.Actually Mimi was "malu -malu kucing".Thats why she covered her face using the KFC brochure.

Then the 3rd picture .Mas was showed something to Mimi.EXTREME post..(laughing)..covered their face using palm and handkerchief.Smart idea to use in model audition."dont be angry friends"..I already uploaded this picture.Please send *THANK YOU* card to my house..

Guess who is this?here my latest photo..haha. .attention to owner of

im not ready yet..hhaha..

What I got during this short holiday?This is the thing that I used to keep my phone.simple but I love the way it was created.

Sorry for this entry.Its a bit short.Im so tired actually..
See again entry new story..last picture,TWIN TOWER OF SAUCE BOTTLE..

..combination of chilli and tomato sauce bottles..

the feel of happiness with them is totally awesome..


Nadila said...

yay for Noura cuz willing to post her pic here HAHA! Well, i'm afraid people'll get lost by clicking the link of my blog that you've stated there. Anyway, nice post and i know that awesome feeling.

Noura Noralimah said...

i already adjusted the people wouldnt be lost...