Wednesday, 26 December 2012

How could i........

Assalamualaikum n holla
winking eyes to cover my tears

Today was the day that my beloved grandpa left me.I miss him so much.I was the pampered granddaughter actually.My family will gather today but I cant join sister had a work to do.
I don't want they think that I was behaved like a child,so I just kept the feeling of sad indeed my heart.

I already made a word to my younger sister and my cousins that i'll be there today but its looked that i broke it.I don't have any intention actually.I was planned for the meeting of COUSINS but its cancelled.Maybe God already decided the best thing for me.(POSITIVE THINKING).I cant meet my mom today,my aunt surely angry with me.

Honestly,my tears is going out from my eyes right now..Its totally not Awesome to be here while the other are there(my lovely VILLAGE

I have so many works to do today.
How could they gave me a a record of mountain of book to be key in in the computer while they only wasting their time have a ZERO chit chat..ugh!I'm pretty ugly sat in front the computer while counted the money yesterday.Its not good to ask me to do the work rushy but they only keeping slow as the TURTLE while have a chit chat..

I'm absolutely loss my point today.Its gone.

I don't know who is the best listener today than my BLUE DIARY and this BIOG..
maybe its them but I don't their happy life full of mess of my problem..
its kinda boring here..winking eyes again...

Its TRIPLE wow!!I have to forget my handsome CRUSH..
It a bit cruel action to myself.I'm sure that he do not have any feeling towards me.Its proved when he made a weird face when he saw me.
But I like him a bit by bit..
Its embarrassing to remember when my Buddy tell him that I like him..
That's why I was rushing went home..

~Noura Noralimah~


Nadila said...

be tough k. be tough.

Noura Noralimah said...

thanks sweet blogger...