Tuesday, 26 February 2013

NM:He...My new DUDE. .

Assalamualaikum dan selamat pagi dunia
I know I know that all of you miss me right?
I miss all of you too
Let accept this love as the symbol that I love all of you

I am so sorry because I don't have a very good time to update my blog everyday.I really wanted to update this blog yesterday but I had to do sooo many things. .HewHew. .Sorry Sheerah,I just did not have an excellent time to type any entry but I did today.Alright,today I will talk about MY NEW dude but makes sure all of you listen to me.

O-la-la-la. .dude?Do all of you know what is that?Of course all of you can say "yes!I know. ."Simple answer right?But It isn't what I mean today.Yesterday,I saw him cried.I don't know why but I sure that he was sad.Hey!His name maybe a bit secret for this moment but I'll tell later.This is the first time I saw a handsome man cried in front me after finish made a call to his mother.How lucky if a girl get him as a boyfriend.He was my friend but when everybody saw I walked with him,they will make a weird face and smile to us.*Fake coughing*

I called him "UNCLE".hEWhEW. .
He never got too sad  till yesterday
He never made this face before

Oh dude,why you gave your sad face to me?

Guess what?His smile was so charming and sure you will felt him was AWESOME. .

He was awesome because he was friendly.
His face was handsome as his good attitudes
Next time I'll show it ..

Ok Ok Ok. .shaking hand ..
Im too busy right . .
next time i'll type more longer. .

Smile makes your day SO dont show your fake smile

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