Friday, 1 March 2013

NM:Love People Around Us

Assalamualaikum and hiii everybody

There's a lot of thing that I want to share to this awesome BlOG.!!!!

Before, when I was a student,Form 4 maybe.I was too "JAHIL" about what was the "BLOG " actually.One day,my classmates and I had an English oral so we had to wait our English teacher at the school canteen.Guess what?I'm pretty nervous to speak out what the things that I had reading before the oral began.That was I am,always got the coldness before anything to be true..*FAKE COUGHING*

Then,my sweet buddy(NADIEL) prepared for her own text for that oral.You know what?Its about BLOG.The BLOGGER that she admired so much.If I'm not wrong.

Oh no,I almost forget about the thing that should be my topic today.Alright,lets start blogging!!!

Do you ever care about people around you?People?Hey,its mean your parents,siblings,uncles,aunties,friends,buddies,grandmas,grandpas,neighbours... .opps!!your boyfriend also people right?Do you love them?Of couse right?I love all the people around me because they care about me so much.Such the example,my neighbour asked my mother about my exam result.Some people may think that they was a busybody type person but they was not.Can you imagine if nobody care about you,ask about you,What will you feel?LONELY that's the correct answer!!

Especially our parents.
I love my parents so much because I am nothing without them.Our parents had tried their best to make our life be GREAT?Don't you realize it?They will buy anything that I want without say anything and do not sigh like what we like to do.Children may angry or do not want to speak with their parents when they do not get what they want.But,our parent only keep silent right or they will try to get what do you want even they feel too tired to walk.That they was.We should respect and love them.

talk about other people that I had mentioned just now.Do you realize that they was your supporter too?Remember please,when the SPORT DAY was held in your school.Who shout the spiritual words to you?your friends or your buddies right?That was the awesome moment right?I miss it soo much.Then,when you was sick,I meant you was dizzy,who was struggle to help you walking to the teachers room?who ready to buy your food ,and accompany you to the toilet?that's all our friends did. .They was superb.

They did the best thing that made I miss with them

I ever asked to this guy before,
would you be a part of my life?be my best friend?and be my enemy at the same time. .huahua. .
I love all of you friends. .Whoever,wherever you are,just remember that I love and appreciate you. . 


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