Friday, 8 February 2013

HEY DG. .This is for u. .

Hehehe. .Hari ini entry special sikit. .jadi kalau semua dalam entry ni colou hijau jangan marah ek. .
This entry is totally for my friend.I felt so guilty because I forgot to wish "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and at the same time I did not have anything for her.Alright,Alright. .All of you may think that I was not good in friendship right?That is up to all of you.Just make your mind running.The truth is,I only an ordinary human.Sometimes will be forgetful.Hahahahah.Thanks to ALLAH SWT because He makes me remember all the important things

Alright alright. .Here we go.Actually this entry is about one of my best friend.She had an adorable eyes.All the things that she did was totally attractive.The way she talked,walked,sang.Its completely unique.Yesterday was her bornday but  did not remember it.So bad right?
This is DNF

Words for you..:

Hey hey Nadiel!..Do you mind if I call you like that?I love that name so much and I think it may suit with you.So,I gave you that name.Can you accept it as my tiny present?Oh. .That is enough for me if you accept it.OK,while your birthday was yesterday,I want to ask some apology to you.'I am so sorry for everything".I do not remember how much mistake that I had done to you
So sorry Nadiel,I did not prepare anything for you especially card and gift.O-la-la. .I'll treat you a lunch or whatever you want soon.I owed you.I am so sorry because I was too careless yesterday till I forgot to wish.I felt so so so bad.

I hope that our friendship will be till the end of life.May Allah SWT bless you.
This entry may short but I totally meant it. .


hahahaha...comel kan..SPECIAL ni aku cari..satu lagi,GARFIELD menari untuk kau..
OH MY GOSH..Grand kau punya HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish..
Ingat sampai bila2 r. Public lagi ni kawan..

kawai kawai kawai..GARFIELD is awesome cuz he is dancing for you..hahaha. .I have nothing but I found this for you..

happy birthday for 18 times.
cuba la teka siapa ka ini?
This is DEE DEE 



Hope you will be happy always

This is the card that I can design for you
you can print it if you like..
I am just kidding.

thanks for reading this entry

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Nadila said...

This is so amazing, Noura! Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you very much. Just made up my day and I just left you a message in fb. Check it out!