Friday, 15 November 2013

Hooooliday Time


3 weeks holiday might cause your heartbeat did not want to stop till the end.Miahahaha.
There were  few things that I wanted to list down that I've done a few days ago.

I became a good maid.I just got an extravaganza of dilligentness.Since I back home,I turn on my dilligent mode.Prevent from getting fat was the main reason.I've no time to jog actually because my sister was super lazy since she was preparing for her BIG exam.SPM.I cleaned all the stuff that making my eyes turns to red.Since I got no assignment for this holiday so I'm such a good "penganggur" for 3 weeks.

I learned cooking.Actually I just watched my mom cooked so I just imagined that I was cooking.
Somebody said that girl who couldn't cook never would be a woman.What?I should learn cooking.Hahahaha.I just prepared myself for baking a cake.It seems easy as eating peanut.(Pepatah MelayuEnglish)

I met my beloved friends.They were Habibah,Nadila and Farhanah.Since I did not take a picture using my phone so I couldnt show their faces.

I became a tutor for my younger sister,book lover,korean dramas lover and a good tester for food.Hahaha.
And I got time to taste THE CRAZY CRUNCH.

credit to Google

So,I hope all of you enjoy reading

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