Saturday, 6 July 2013


Assalamualaikum Gorgeous and Handsome..

Long time no typing since last week was so busy with quizes,tutorials and lectures.
If I could,I'll stop the time and just sat and typing a new entry but seriously I was joking if I can.Hahaha!
Last week was tremendous with assignments.

Skype?Do you have skype?Me too.!!
I didn't realize when I started to be active in  this social network.
You know,skyping has been my favourite.
All the things done through this social  network.Discusssing an assignment .

So,if you have your Skype?Please add mine..Noura Noralimah..Especially you,Glistening's owner 

Orite dear,I'll be here next time.

Assalamualaikum uools!

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