Saturday, 22 June 2013


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Hi gorgeous and handsome..
I just want to share my opinion to all of you.
While I was surfing an internet used my lappy yesterday,I decided to log in to my Facebook.
Then,I saw a post on my wall.Its disrupted my attention actually.She asked how to handle this NERVOUS problem.Nervous was the feeling that totally influenced our life if we did not try any alternatives to solve it.So, for me,nervous was a common feeling but its bad if you lost your confident only because of it.

Basically, I was familiar and surrounded with this feeling especially during presentation weekend.You know what I do?I just remained cool as I can and made a point that I was a good presenter too as well as the others.
Let me tell you why the nervous feeling appeared in our(selves) or obviously in my(self).There a few things that you must know.

Lack of confidence
Obviously people will get nervous when they had to stand in front their classmates but brave as cheetah while they were at the back.Are they ashamed with their own friends?This was an abnormal feeling that appeared in our mind.Afraid when the others laughed when you did a mistake.Excuse me,perfection did not a huge issue.As long as you can do your work done and you felt happy because you did your best.Lack of confident usually occurred in your first time.As for the example,when you were asking by your lecture or anybody to introduce yourself.You may get *dup dap!dup dap!* echo.Its normal bro.You will feel it even slightly.As for me,I'll make sure that I was 100% confident while I was introducing myself even thought I was asking to speak in English.Then there was the *OhMyEnglish Season 3* started.All the words were a broken English.

Over thinking
This an usual issue.Am I pretty enough to stand in front of them?Am I okay?I was too shamed with Abu.Hahhahaha!!Nonsense as well as the answer of the question.Why should you over thinking only to get the answer?Its nothing to be counted or got critic by any side.It was not a competition.As a 1st intake student,I was too blur before why the 2nd and 3rd intake students got so nervous to talk with us.I was not your senior okay,we were same.Do not think that you are not deserved to speak only because that 2nd and 3rd intake issue.Its nothing.

Watch out with this reason.This was a dangerous reason.I might get migraine if I had this as my main reason.As for the example,when you got an invitation for any interview.You might get ready a week early right?You will get so nervous if you were in zero mind at the time.So you deserved to be nervous.At first,you had to calm down as soon as possible.The solution was,preparation must be done.All the thing need enough preparation.As I'm,everyday preparation was needed because the pop quiz will make your heart beating faster if the quiz pop up.A scary thing.O my eyes,I'm absolutely sleep.Sat in front of this laptop with my sleepy eyes.Then I will type slowly as the snail.

There was your man/girl
Before I start,let me laugh louder and louder.Why so shy?Why so serious?Why so and so?They still a human being.They will be proud if they saw you were fully confident in front.So why you had to nervous?Tell me why?This was my last reason for this problem.You don't have to be so nervous in front of them.Its nothing to be worry because they may give you a big box of supports and they may be your great supporter.So be confident and don't get so nervous especially in front of them or you will lost their confident on you.So be careful BABY.One more thing,if they were focusing on you while you were presenting your slide or whatever that you did,you have to be in positive thinking.They might get impressed by you.Hahahhaahahha..Just think that you a good enough like the others and you could do better than before.

Before I'm going out,I just want to share that success needed confidence.Just be yourself and raise your confidence level by believe in yourself.
Nothing is impossible if Allah will..Trust me..^--^

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