Monday, 16 September 2013

Confession from me.


I need HOME.
I need TV.
I need that soft COUCH.
I need to eat something cooked by MOM.

Time just left me behind.

Then,I forgot to have a lunch today.People may think that I was in process spending my money wisely,thats why I did not eat rice during dinner.Absolutely not true but I also confused about my appetite that almost decrease everyday.Since my final exam  around the corner,I almost missed my dinner since a week ago.Its not about diet but I really frustrated with myself.Its almost starving but I'm not.I really need my home.Need to have a joke with my younger sister and watch my favourite TV drama and so on.

I just need some space to read,observe and think.I think and think about why I'm here.I need to pursue my ambition as a doctor and be ready to help people on the FUTURE.That's why I'm here.My mental need to be ready and strong.I need to be more independent because I'm alone here.
I just too afraid if I can't handle my own self properly.After  and after,I think I really miss my Dad and Mom.

Since I miss them so much.I think I have to do something.I must make them proud.
 I promise.
Since,Im rarely typing or posting any entry in this territory,I just lost my talent in typing.
So,honestly it is not awesome to be a silent blogger..

Actually,I lost my happy mood.I just really want to be kind,myself and forget about people who dont respect me.I really hate to think that I'm angry.That's not really cool.


Thats all.

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