Saturday, 15 June 2013

good and bad of the silent mode


I'm so happy when I'm starting  a new entry....

Uh!Could you read and understand what is BEHIND THE SILENT MODE means?Actually I just want to talk about people who like to stay silent than be a person that like to talk like a PARROT.I mean the non-stop one.It obviously when you are in the same class with those people who like to be silent and make you feel that you are alone.

*I'm smiling like I said "Tigee" word*
Alright,lets we talk more detail..
Ok,ok,ok..Actually silent doesn't mean that the person is snobbish or arrogant.They have their reason to be like that.Like me.I'll keep silent if I want to think more and more.This proven because sometimes I'll be the person that so friendly and smile to everybody that I meet anywhere.

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Straight to the exact point.Behind the silent mode,there's a lot of secret.HAHAHAHAHA!I'm typing like I'm in the middle of big chaos.It is the impact of a long time no blogging.I'm so exhausted waiting for the right time to sit in front of my nucleus lappy.What I mean by the secret behind the silent mode is BRILLIANT idea.You may think that the non-talkative person may be the super un-knowledged right?Or I'm the person that thinking like that?Hahahaha..Exactly nope.This is happen when one of my friend that like to being silent can speak English fluently and he got the nice mark.Then,they may be creative one.This thing really impress when one of my friend that look like a nerdy one can draw an anime exactly like in the comic.

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Sometimes people remains in a silent mode because they want avoid from hurt others.
One word actually can not explain whole the thing.Like the situation when you have to choose neither being silent or face the problem.Both this thing may bring an equal advantages and disadvantages but sometimes silent may be good enough and show that yourself and my(self) really do not have any mood to involve.Yeay.
I'll keep any advice here.I am such an ordinary teenager want to speak out my own opinion about behind the silent .First of first,if somebody that always being silent in front of you.He or she actually waiting for your first word such as *Hi,how are you today?*,*Are you free for lunch dude?*Like me,I'll keep silent but sometimes I start the conversation first to break the gap between I and the others.This normally happen when you are facing your hot crush.Its really hit my circulatory system.When your hot crush do not talk too much,actually they need your attention more than what you give to others.So just trust your self that they are not what such you have think.

When being in that mood,people will make a sort of conclusion for you.May be the good one or bad one.It depends to that person.The obvious example is when you are in the nerdy appearance and you keep your mouth shut up and make sure your voice doesn't come out even a little.Hahhahahahahha..people may think you are good enough to  be a wall,a clown or whatever.I'm so sorry if this sentences make some people feel uncomportable.I just need share what the others thinking about some non-talkative people.I'm sad actually because they also a human being like us.So we need to respect them such as the others.Being like this,they will be encouraged to speak and unite with others so nobody will get bully by others.

Last but not least,silent is good for some part.When you speak less,so your mistake is less.

Lets stop.See uolls in the second entry today.Lova lovaaaa..Love you guys..

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Nadila said...

tryin my best to absorb yr ideas and opinions. hope im not that silence nor talkative lol. nice post btw :)

Noralimah Muhammad said...

diel...thanks..hhahaa..its just what im thinking for a few weeks here.appreciate people even thought i just knew them for encouraging myself to get the new brand of up to the fullest..