Thursday, 30 May 2013


Assalamualaikum w.b.t


Hi all the readers,

Maturity?Now or later,everyone or whoever will be faced it.Right?Am I will be matured?Yes,because I'm nearly 19 years old.Hahahaha!Late or early,it sure will come.Maturity actually not a disease.Its a normal thing.As a teenager,we may think that we are mature enough and do not need any advice from our parent or older people.Its totally wrong.So please stabilize your attention while they are advising you because its better than nothing.

When I'm googling,I found this one.Maturity is the period of time in your life after your physical growth has stopped and you are fully developed.Actually when we talk about maturity,its bring a lots of meaning.As what in my mind,maturity is a level which our selves trying to do something like an adult.Actually when we already reach that point of maturity.We will learn about CONSIDERATION in life.

As the example,I'm trying to be matured.Oh no,I'm learning how to be matured.Lately,a bit of feel of regret suddenly came into my mind and touch my soul.Hahahha!It sound like abnormal thinking.Before I was too pampered.Just let the thing handled by maid.Let my sister and brother and others thing that I was too lazy and can not handle my own life.When I reach my hostel,everything was changed.I changed it.As an ordinary teenager,as usual I need some space to refresh my mind and my energy.When I'm thinking again,again and again.There's not impossible to make my self more responsible and matured.I just need to face the truth that I need to change.

Today,before I leave this "HOME SWEET HOME".I promise just know that I need to rush.I clean my room and tidy up all the things.Especially my antique wardrobe.Its should me clean up before I go.Guess what?I tidy it myself.Before,I never trying to cook because I think it took all my time.As soon after I came from Labuan,I think I should know how to cook.I need to know baking a cake.Even the simple one.Since today is my last day without do any homework,blogging more often and watching TV without stand up and blinking and whatever to do,I need to refresh my mind.Thinking about BIOLOGY,CHEMISTRY,MATHEMATICS,and of course the newest subject for me.MUET and SAINS COMPUTER.Could I stay cool and pursue my study smoothly?Sure because everything come from myself.Pray for me.

What I got from the word of MATURITY?
I need to be more strong.I need to handle my problem in a proper way without make my self trap in a frustrated way.Need to be humble.HAHAAHAH!...What I learn is,I need to be more independent if I want to be matured.Its a cycle of life.Everyone will be matured.One more thing,maturity does not refer to our age.Sometimes you will be shocked if you meet somebody that younger than you think like your father,mother or someone that you think is MATURED!As the simple example,when you involved in love in a young age.You will got sooo many experience that will make your more rational in thinking and smart when choosing your future couple of life.Its only an example.You don't need to get a boyfriend only to say that you are matured.Its only a certain way to explain.

alright.Sometimes you must play it by your ears.Hahahahahaha!



mieka said...

in other word,we need to grow up not just grow old,kn??kn ?? hehe :3

salam perkenalan :)

Noura Noralimah said...

hahaaaa..btl tu..slm prknln jg..