Saturday, 10 May 2014

Me as Facilitator.


Hi,as you can see the title is about facilitator.

Okay,let me share briefly about facilitator.I am a future facilitator for my matriculation college.Facilitator for MPPB which is an orientation for a new student.
I choose to be facilitator instead of "bersuka ria" at home.While I am a PDT student in my college,so I should help them to organize the event .To make it look more proper and less burden,I'll go early and just sacrifice my 1 week holiday.Sounds a bit pathetic.xD

So,I have to cancell all my plans for this holiday.I am sorry friends.Sorry because I cannot meet you.
But after 1 week as a facilitator,I'll go home again for a week and meet all of you.

So,I hope I can be a good facilitator.

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