Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Interview 2

Assalamualaikum and hi

I hope everybody has a good thing to share and think today.
I want to share about my interview on the last day,perhaps a few tips

Honestly,I am not really talkative when with new people but praise to Allah I managed to calm myself and smiled continuosly 'till the end of the interview.Both of the interviewers laughed very often and louder when I started to speak.Did I looked so funny when spoke in English?HAHA

Okay,the tips that most most important is be friendly and just be yourself.You MUST wear something approriate and make sure that you are in comfort situation.The most awful situation is I wore a high heel which will cause a severe accident if I fall.

Then,ask your beloved parents to pray for your success.Your mom's doa is very powerful.You should talk to avoid that nervous feeling.Talk to people beside you and dont remain silence.Silence might harm you when you already sit in front of the interviewers.So beware.

Lastly,prepare all the certificates that asked by interviewers and make sure raise your confidence level as you step into the interview room .

Then,if it meant to you,you will get it.

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