Thursday, 15 August 2013

I'd Lie

..Peace be Upon ..

I'd Lie
Because I'm a human being.
Created by Our Creator.

I  lied to my self because I wanted all my beloved people to be happy.Happy as they were together with me.They did know how I felt when they were yelling at me.I felt like nut.Crashed and thrown into smelly dustbin.How I willing to smile and lied to my self.My own feeling.I never care actually how much I got hurted.I would never care.I would never care even I got ignored.Because I was strong.I stood on my own way.I never asked anything even thought I needed it so much.Much than what people thought.

I lied to my self that I never angry to my best friend.I got once.I really angry.The feeling made I felt I was bad.I was an ordinary person.I wasn't an angel.No,please think!.

This entry absolutely told about what I felt.I learnt to ask apology.Being a good person.

Can you imagine being ignored only because your past?
When you did something wrong at the past and your friend judged it now.
If life was like a movie,I would repeat it and changed it storyboard.

I lied too when I said I never love someone.I lied when I said I never let my friend raise her happiness than mine.I lied when I said I never thrown big value of money for them.

Now I being my self.Which the bad or good side is the real me.
I didn't have to pretend I agree with them everytime.
I knew they did not think how I was thinking.
Even they knew me since in primary school,they still almost or even hate me when I did something wrong.
Why all of you chose that way than chose the way to advise me?

I still kept remember how you who never talked to me,judged me throught the phone.Sent something that really made I felt down.

But dont worry.
I still have the sacred heart.
You were listed in my pray everyday.All of you.

That's how the feeling when you kept it .

Appreciate people is a good way to make your self happy.
Dont show off if you still a human.
Everyone did mistake as i am..
But I still loves them as before..

Have a sweet dream..


Anonymous said...

Young girl, you should aware with your usage of words.. I am not a professional but English is my thing.. I teach English.. I walked by and found your site and felt I should correct you.. Try to look up the usage of "I'd" and other grammars on the internet or by asking your friends and teachers.. By the way I stepped on your friend's site, she did very well..

Noralimah Muhammad said...

dear anonymous,thanks for the good advice.I'll be more careful